29 Main Street, Truro, NS B2N 4G5
Phone: (902) 893-4331
Fax 897-4442

We are a progressive companion animal hospital located outside of Truro, NS and offer a wide range of veterinary referral services including abdominal and cardiac ultrasound, orthopedic surgeries and acupuncture.

Cardiac, Abdominal (including biopsies) and Ocular Ultrasound – Dr. Troye McPherson Cruciate Repair (TTA & Extracapsular), Patellar and Hip Luxations – Dr. Ed Macmillan Companian Animal Acupuncture – Dr. Penny Richards

We offer a very professional referral service and look forward to partnering with you!

For more information, please visit centralnovavet.com or call the clinic.

Referral forms can be found on our webpage and forwarded to cnahlab@centralnovavet.com