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By Athanassios Vergados

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Aims and Scope

The Hymn to Hermes, whereas absolutely the main fun of the so-called Homeric Hymns, additionally offers an array of not easy difficulties. in precisely 580 traces, the infant god invents the lyre and sings a hymn to himself, travels from Cyllene to Pieria to thieve Apollo’s farm animals, organizes a ceremonial dinner on the river Alpheios the place he serves the beef of 2 of the stolen animals, cunningly defends his innocence, and is ultimately reconciled to Apollo, to whom he provides the lyre in alternate for the farm animals. This e-book presents the 1st targeted observation committed in particular to this strange poem when you consider that Radermacher’s 1931 version. The remark will pay unique cognizance to linguistic, philological, and interpretive concerns. it's preceded by way of a close advent that addresses the Hymn’s principles on poetry and tune, the poem’s humour, the Hymn’s relation to different archaic hexameter literature either in thematic and technical facets, the poem’s reception in later literature, its constitution, the problem of its date and position of composition, and the query of its transmission. The serious textual content, in accordance with F. Càssola’s variation, is supplied with an equipment of formulaic parallels in archaic hexameter poetry in addition to attainable verbal echoes in later literature.

Athanassios Vergados, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany, andNational and Kapodistrian college of Athens, Greece.

xiv, 718 pages
Language: English, historic Greek
Type of book: Commentary
Keywords: Homeric Hymns; Hermes; Poetry; Greek; faith

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1490b. See Hirschberger (2004, 265) on [Hes. ] fr. sixty four. 14–18. « is in different places used of Odysseus with basically exceptions: Hephaestus at Il. 21. 335 and Athena at h. Hom. 28. 2. For «, see 12n. word that Parry thought of « a particularized epithet; cf. Parry (1971, 153–65, esp. 156–57). This formulation happens transformed at Od. four. 112, a hundred and forty four T « #, χ / T ), μ λ ). See Shelmerdine (1984). On her recommendation that the outdated guy of Onchestos resembles Laertes, see 184–212n. So additionally ill (1996, 70–102). Relation to Archaic Literature sixty seven le at 237–39 which looks in accordance with Od. five. 488–91; yet this belongs to a completely varied context, for this reason it can't represent an allusion to the farm animals of the sunlight. extra, D. H. ill emphasizes the importance of the animals’ quantity (fifty in h. Herm. , multiples of 50 within the Odyssey),67 their immortality (cf. 71), and the mistaken functionality of the sacrifice in either texts. sixty eight The Odyssean tale in regards to the farm animals of the solar should have been identified to the viewers, who may have anticipated to listen to a model of it the following. however the tale of Apollo’s stolen livestock in h. Herm. isn't the similar because the livestock of the sunlight: (i) the culprit within the Odyssey isn't the hero himself (who in contrast to Hermes is rarely acknowledged to be stricken by starvation in Od. 12) yet his partners. (ii) Helios’ cows are stated to be alive (they low and circulate) even when they were slaughtered, a notable aspect to which one might count on a reference if the livestock of the solar have been alluded to. eventually, (iii) line 381 indicates that for the Hymn poet Helios and Apollo are stored particular from one another. four. three. 2 The Homeric Hymn to Hermes and Hesiod69 The phrases which the Hymn stocks with Hesiod can't in and of themselves turn out Hesiodic effect when you consider that they are conventional or mirror an coincidence within the transmission of epic poetry. equally, h. Herm. 36 ( ρ λ μ μ φ ) don't need to be a citation of Op. 365. even though the belief of a citation is beautiful, as I clarify on p. sixteen and 23–24, the word in query has a proverbial ring, and either poets will be drawing on a typical resource of proverbial knowledge. an identical applies to h. Herm. one hundred twenty ) # (cf. Op. 382 # sixty seven sixty eight sixty nine Fernández-Delgado (1990, 205 n. 18) means that Hermes steals fifty of Apollo’s cows simply because those are part the variety of cows that will be provided in a hecatomb to Apollo, whose rights Hermes contests. at the cattle’s presumed immortality, see 71n. (Ν ). in poor health additionally means that the cattle’s proprietor within the Hymn will not be Apollo, arguing at the foundation of the plural « at h. Herm. 275 and 309 (but see 275n. ), the connection with Helios at 381, and the cattle’s alleged familiarity with the quarter round the Alpheios to which they pass $ «. the topic is handled in Teske (1936, 64–66), who limits himself to bringing up verbal echoes, a few of that are of doubtful worth (e. g. 31 φ κ , 106 $ « Κ «, a hundred and ten μ« $ , 236 λ ). On h. Herm. 36 Teske cites AS who realize a “palpable parody. ” this can be believable, provided that in h. Herm. this verse issues to Hermes’ monetary achieve (fifty cows) as soon as the lyre is given to Apollo, whereas within the Op.

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