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By Yan Shen

This brand-new guide prepares scholars for a subject matter that has simply been extra to the complicated Placement software. Separate sections evaluate all elements of the recent examination: Listening, examining, Grammar, talking, and tradition. every one part additionally contains routines, and the listening and interpreting sections comprise perform questions with solution keys and resolution factors. The ebook displays the AP exam's criteria, providing questions in either conventional and simplified chinese language characters. full-length perform assessments are offered with resolution keys.

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Indd 133 6/26/2009 2:36:42 PM 134 AP chinese and tradition [Simplified-character model] ϔ䍋এৗϾ佁৻DŽҞ໽៥䇋ᅶˈএϡএ˛ (Man) (Woman) Դ䇈ਸ਼˛ (Man) (A) ៥Ӏϔ䍋এ৫˛ (B) Դ体ϡ体˛ (C) ԴᛇৗҔМ˛ (D) Դᛇএ৫˛ eighty four. [Traditional-character model] ‫ה‬ଚຟᎅ‫܃‬૞‫װ‬խഏ೚ᆠՠΔਢటऱႯΛ (Woman) ‫ڶ‬ຍૠቤΖ (Man) (Woman) (A) ‫ؚ܃‬ጩ‫װ‬ୌଡഏ୮Λ (B) ‫܃‬టऱუ‫װ‬խഏႯΛ (C) ‫ؚ܃‬ጩչ䈥ழଢ‫װ‬Λ (D) ‫װ܃‬խഏ೚չ䈥Λ [Simplified-character model] ҪӀ䛑䇈Դ㽕এЁ೑‫خ‬НᎹˈᰃⳳⱘ৫˛ (Woman) (Man) ᳝䖭䅵ߦDŽ (Woman) (A) ԴᠧㅫএાϾ೑ᆊ˛ (B) ԴⳳⱘᛇএЁ೑৫˛ (C) ԴᠧㅫҔМᯊ‫׭‬এ˛ (D) ԴএЁ೑‫خ‬ҔМ˛ eighty five. [Traditional-character model] ‫܃‬୮‫ڶ‬༓ՑԳΛ (Man) ؄ՑΖՁ֛ࡉ‫ݺ‬Δᝫ‫ڶ‬ԫଡࠝ՗ΕԫଡՖࠝΖ‫ݺ‬Ձ֛ਢՕᖂ‫۔‬ (Woman) (Man) ஃΔ‫ڇݺ‬՛ᖂՠ‫܂‬ΔՖࠝ‫ڇ‬ԫ୮᠔ೃ೚ᥨՓΖ (A) Ֆࠝ‫ڇ‬ୌࠝՠ‫܂‬Λ (B) ࠝ՗‫ڇ‬չ䈥‫ֱچ‬ՠ‫܂‬Λ (C) ‫܃‬ՈਢՕᖂ‫۔‬ஃႯΛ (D) ‫܃‬Ձ֛‫ڇ‬ᖂீՠ‫܂‬ႯΛ [Simplified-character model] Դᆊ᳝޴ষҎ˛ (Man) (Woman) ಯষDŽϜ໿੠៥ˈ䖬᳝ϔϾ‫ܓ‬ᄤǃϔϾཇ‫ܓ‬DŽ៥Ϝ໿ᰃ໻ᄺ㗕 (Man) 7-9400_YAS_Chpt02. indd 134 Ꮬˈ៥೼ᇣᄺᎹ԰ˈཇ‫ܓ‬೼ϔᆊए䰶‫خ‬ᡸ຿DŽ (A) ཇ‫ܓ‬೼ા‫ܓ‬Ꮉ԰˛ (B) ‫ܓ‬ᄤ೼ҔМഄᮍᎹ԰˛ (C) Դгᰃ໻ᄺ㗕Ꮬ৫˛ (D) ԴϜ໿೼ᄺ᷵Ꮉ԰৫˛ 6/26/2009 2:36:42 PM Listening Comprehension a hundred thirty five 86. [Traditional-character model] ‫ە܃‬ᇢᄷໂ൓৻䈥ᑌԱΛ (Woman) ააΔ࣋֨‫ܣ‬Δ޲ംᠲΖ (Man) (Woman) (A) ‫܃‬టऱᄷໂ‫ړ‬ԱႯΛ (B) ‫৻܃‬䈥ᝫ޲ᄷໂ‫ړ‬Λ (C) ‫ݺ‬բᆖᄷໂ‫ړ‬ԱΖ (D) ‫ەݺ‬ᇢ޲ംᠲΖ [Simplified-character model] Դ㗗䆩‫ޚ‬໛ᕫᗢМḋњ˛ (Woman) (Man) ཛྷཛྷˈᬒᖗ৻ˈ≵䯂乬DŽ (Woman) (A) Դⳳⱘ‫ޚ‬໛དњ৫˛ (B) ԴᗢМ䖬≵‫ޚ‬໛ད˛ (C) ៥Ꮖ㒣‫ޚ‬໛དњDŽ (D) ៥㗗䆩≵䯂乬DŽ 87. [Traditional-character model] ᦫᎅ‫܃‬ՖࠝਝᄎഀዚԾᄎሂፘΔᑌᑌຟլᙑΖ (Man) ᖂ฾Ոৰ‫ړ‬೿Ζ (Woman) (Man) (A) ೈԱᖂ฾‫א‬؆Δ‫܃‬ՖࠝഀዚՈ‫ړ‬Ζ (B) ‫܃‬ՖࠝլᄎሂፘႯΛ (C) ‫܃‬Ֆࠝటਢ‫ڍ‬թ‫ڍ‬ᢌΖ (D) ‫܃‬Ֆࠝᖂ฾‫ړ‬Δ‫܀‬ਢഀዚլ֜‫ړ‬Ζ [Simplified-character model] ਀䇈Դཇ‫ܓ‬᮶Ӯଅ℠জӮ䏇㟲ˈḋḋ䛑ϡ䫭DŽ (Man) (Woman) ᄺдгᕜདଞDŽ (Man) (A) 䰸њᄺдҹ໪ˈԴཇ‫ܓ‬ଅ℠гདDŽ (B) Դཇ‫ܓ‬ϡӮ䏇㟲৫˛ (C) Դཇ‫ⳳܓ‬ᰃ໮ᠡ໮㡎DŽ (D) Դཇ‫ܓ‬ᄺдདˈԚᰃଅ℠ϡ໾དDŽ 88. [Traditional-character model] ‫ݺ‬ଚ‫װ‬઎խഏሽᐙᝫਢ઎ભഏሽᐙΛ (Woman) ᙟঁ‫ܣ‬Ζ (Man) (Woman) (A) ‫܃‬㻽չ䈥լ໛ᦟભഏሽᐙΛ (B) ‫܃‬լუ઎խഏሽᐙႯΛ (C) ߷‫܃‬უ઎ୌഏሽᐙΛ (D) ߷‫ݺ‬ଚ༉઎ભഏሽᐙ‫ܣ‬Ζ [Simplified-character model] ៥ӀএⳟЁ೑⬉ᕅ䖬ᰃⳟ㕢೑⬉ᕅ˛ (Woman) (Man) 䱣֓৻DŽ (Woman) (A) ԴЎҔМϡ୰⃶㕢೑⬉ᕅ˛ (B) ԴϡᛇⳟЁ೑⬉ᕅ৫˛ (C) 䙷Դᛇⳟા೑⬉ᕅ˛ (D) 䙷៥Ӏህⳟ㕢೑⬉ᕅ৻DŽ 7-9400_YAS_Chpt02. indd a hundred thirty five 6/26/2009 2:36:42 PM 136 AP chinese and tradition 89. [Traditional-character model] ‫܃‬վ֚Ղ֑ऱ૿ᇢ৻䈥ᑌΛ (Man) լᙑΖ (Woman) (Man) (A) ߷֜‫ړ‬ԱΖ (B) ޲ᣂএΔᝫ‫ڶ‬ᖲᄎΖ (C) ‫܃‬չ䈥ംᠲ‫ڃ‬࿠ᙑԱΛ (D) ‫܃‬ୌଡംᠲ‫ڃ‬࿠൓լ堚ᄑΛ [Simplified-character model] ԴҞ໽Ϟजⱘ䴶䆩ᗢМḋ˛ (Man) (Woman) ϡ䫭DŽ (Man) (A) 䙷໾དњDŽ (B) ≵݇㋏ˈ䖬᳝ᴎӮDŽ (C) ԴҔМ䯂乬ಲㄨ䫭њ˛ (D) ԴાϾ䯂乬ಲㄨᕫϡ⏙Ἦ˛ ninety. [Traditional-character model] ‫ݺ‬ਤ֚Հ֑࿯‫܃‬മॐ‫ؚ‬Ա༓‫ڻ‬ሽᇩຟ޲‫܃ࠩބ‬Δ‫װ܃‬ՂᓰԱΛ (Man) ޲‫װ‬Ζ‫ݺ‬ਤ֚ߪ᧯լငࣚΔՀ֑‫װ‬Ա᠔ೃΔ‫ݙ‬Ա‫א‬৵ऴ൷‫ئ׀ڃ‬ (Woman) (Man) ୮ԱΖ (A) ଺ࠐ‫װ܃‬ՂᓰԱΖ (B) ଺ࠐ‫ئ׀ڃ܃‬୮೺Ζ (C) ଺ࠐ‫܃‬ຩ‫װئ׀‬᠔ೃԱΖ (D) ଺ࠐ‫ڇ܃‬മॐܴΖ [Simplified-character model] ៥᯼໽ϟज㒭Դᆓ㟡ᠧњ޴⃵⬉䆱䛑≵ᡒࠄԴˈԴএϞ䇒њ˛ (Man) (Woman) ≵এDŽ៥᯼໽䑿ԧϡ㟦᳡ˈϟजএњए䰶ˈᅠњҹৢⳈ᥹ಲ⠊↡ (Man) CD 2 song 1 7-9400_YAS_Chpt02. indd 136 ᆊњDŽ (A) ॳᴹԴএϞ䇒њDŽ (B) ॳᴹԴಲ⠊↡ᆊ଺DŽ (C) ॳᴹԴ䰾⠊↡এए䰶њDŽ (D) ॳᴹԴ೼ᆓ㟡ਔDŽ ninety one. [Traditional-character model] ‫܃‬ຍ‫ەڻ‬ᇢ‫ە‬൓৻䈥ᑌΛ (Woman) ߷ᝫ‫ش‬ᎅΖ (Man) (Woman) (A) 㻽չ䈥լ౨ᎅᎅ‫ە‬ᇢऱࠃൣࡋΛ (B) ‫᜔܃‬ਢຍ䈥۞ॾΖ (C) ‫ݺ‬൓ᇿ‫܃‬ᎅᎅ‫ە‬ᇢऱࠃൣΖ (D) ‫ݺ‬ৰ‫ݶ‬ᇿ‫܃‬ᎅᎅຍٙࠃൣΖ 6/26/2009 2:36:43 PM Listening Comprehension 137 [Simplified-character model] Դ䖭⃵㗗䆩㗗ᕫᗢМḋ˛ (Woman) (Man) 䙷䖬⫼䇈DŽ (Woman) (A) ЎҔМϡ㛑䇈䇈㗗䆩ⱘџᚙਸ਼˛ (B) Դᘏᰃ䖭М㞾ֵDŽ (C) ៥ᕫ䎳Դ䇈䇈㗗䆩ⱘџᚙDŽ (D) ៥ᕜᖿ䎳Դ䇈䇈䖭ӊџᚙDŽ ninety two.

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