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Ninety two chinese language words For Dummies Chapter 6 store ‘til You Drop! during this bankruptcy ᮣ testing the shops ᮣ searching for outfits and different goods ᮣ Bargaining for a greater expense ᮣ Making comparisons T o mâi d∂ngxi (my doong she; purchase issues) is likely one of the most pleasurable pursuits for individuals internationally. even if you’re simply going guàngsh≈ngdiàn (gwahng shahng dyan; window buying) or really approximately to mâi d∂ngxi doesn’t subject. it is easy to take pleasure in taking a look at all of the sh≈ngpîn (shahng peen; merchandise), fantasizing approximately purchasing that zuànshí jièzhi (dzwan shir jyeh jir; diamond ring), and haggling over the jiàgé (jyah guh; price). Going to shops the next record comprises a few forms of shops you could stumble upon and a few goods you will find in them: ߜ Zài yíge sh∆diàn nî kéyî mâi sh∆, zázhì hé bàozhî. (dzye ee guh shoo dyan nee kuh yee my shoo, dzah jir huh baow jir; In a bookshop, you should buy books, magazines, and newspapers. ) ߜ Zài yíge wûj∫n diàn nî kéyî mâi zhuânji√ qì, ch≈tóu hé y≈nwù bàojîng qì. (dzye ee guh woo jeen dyan nee kuh yee my jwan jyeh chee, chah 94 chinese language words For Dummies toe huh yan woo baow jeeng chee; In a ironmongery shop, you should buy adaptors, plugs, and smoke detectors. ) ߜ Zài yíge y≈ncâo diàn nî kéyî mâi xuêji≈y≈n, xi≈ngy≈n, y≈ndôu hé gèzhông gèyàng de y≈ncâo. (dzye ee guh yan tsaow dyan nee kuh yee my shyweh jyah yan, shyahng yan, yan doe huh guh joong guh yahng duh yan tsaow; In a tobacco store, you should purchase cigars, cigarettes, pipes, and all types of tobacco. ) ߜ Zài yíge zh∆bâo diàn nî kéyî mâi shôuzhuó, êrhuán, xiàngliàn, xi∂ngzh√n hé jièzhi. (dzye ee guh joo baow dyan nee kuh yee my exhibit jwaw, are hwahn, shyahng lyan, shyoong juhn huh jyeh jir; In a jewellery shop, you should purchase bracelets, rings, necklaces, pins, and earrings. ) listed below are a number of different shops you might have considered trying to go to: ߜ bâihuò sh≈ngdiàn (bye hwaw shahng dyan; department shops) ߜ chàngpiàn diàn (chahng pyan dyan; checklist shop) ߜ ch≈ojí shìchâng (chow jee shir chahng; grocery store) ߜ fúzhu≈ng diàn (foo jwahng dyan; clothes shop) ߜ lîpîn diàn (lee peen dyan; present store) ߜ sh∆diàn (shoo dyan; book shop) ߜ wánjf diàn (wahn jyew dyan; toy shop) ߜ wûj∫n diàn (woo jeen dyan; ironmongery shop) ߜ xiédiàn (shyeh dyan; shoe shop) ߜ yàofáng (yaow fahng; drugstore) if you happen to ultimately make up your brain approximately what to buy, it's your decision to name forward to take a look at the store’s hours. the subsequent questions could be beneficial: ߜ Nín jî diân zh∂ng k≈i/gu≈n mén? (neen jee dyan joong kye/gwahn mun; What time do you open/ shut? ) Chapter 6: store ’til You Drop ninety five ߜ Nîmen wûdiân zh∂ng yîhòu hái k≈i ma? (nee mun woo dyan joong ee hoe hello kye mah; Are you open after five p. m.? ) ߜ Nîmen x∫ngq∫ti≈n k≈i bùk≈i? (nee mun sheeng chee tyan kye boo kye; Are you open on Sundays? ) If all you need to do is browse, you don’t need a shòuhuòyuán (show hwaw ywan; salesclerk) sneaking up at the back of you and asking Nî xiâng mâi shénme? (nee shyahng my shummuh; What do you want to shop for? ). At this element, simply say Wô zhî shì kànkàn.

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