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By Cynthia Rylant

Even notwithstanding Tabby attempts to maintain him hot, Mr. Putter catches a chilly during this comfortable addition to the series.

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She did her most sensible. yet Mr. Putter stuck one, besides. the following day he was once sneezing and coughing and blowing and hacking. He felt depressing. "Colds aren't quite a bit enjoyable if you are old," he stated to Tabby. whilst Mr. Putter was once a boy, he had nearly cherished colds. He continuously bought spoiled. His mom introduced him hot soup and minty tea and experience books. Mr. Putter enjoyed event books. yet now he was once outdated. He used to be outdated with a chilly. And he had not anyone to break him. 2 Mrs. Teaberry Mr. Putter's telephone rang. He picked it up and stated, "Ah-choo! " "Mr. Putter? " an individual stated. It used to be Mrs. Teaberry, Mr. Putter's buddy and neighbor. "I stuck a cold," acknowledged Mr. Putter. "Oh my goodness! " stated Mrs. Teaberry. "I'll be correct over! " "Oh no," acknowledged Mr. Putter. "You cannot come over. Mrs. Teaberry. chances are you'll trap my chilly. And it is not reliable to be previous with a chilly. " Tabby rubbed opposed to Mr. Putter to assist him think greater. "Ah-choo! " went Mr. Putter in Tabby's face. She determined to stick on his lap. "You want a person to seem after you," stated Mrs. Teaberry. "I'll be fine," stated Mr. Putter. "You desire someone," stated Mrs. Teaberry. "I'll be fine," stated Mr. Putter. "You really want someone," stated Mrs. Teaberry. "I'll relatively be fine," stated Mr. Putter. "I'll ship Zeke," stated Mrs. Teaberry. "What? " acknowledged Mr. Putter. three Zeke Twenty mins later there has been a scratching on the door. It used to be Mrs. Teaberry's stable puppy, Zeke. He had a Thermos strapped to his again and he was once wagging his tail. "Thank you, Zeke! " stated Mr. Putter, patting Zeke's head. Zeke wagged and went domestic. Mr. Putter and Tabby seemed contained in the Thermos. "Chicken soup! " stated Mr. Putter. "Hooray! " Tabby purred. She enjoyed bird soup. Mr. Putter and Tabby have been having their soup while there has been one other scratching on the door. It used to be Zeke back. He had one other Thermos strapped to his again. "Thank you, Zeke! " stated Mr. Putter. Zeke wagged and went domestic. Mr. Putter and Tabby regarded contained in the Thermos. "Peppermint tea with honey sticks! " acknowledged Mr. Putter. "Yippee! " Tabby purred. She enjoyed honey sticks. Mr. Putter and Tabby ate their soup and drank their tea. Mr. Putter was once feeling far better. yet he wanted he had another factor. He felt so egocentric. yet he could not aid it. He phoned Mrs. Teaberry. "Mrs. Teaberry, the soup and the tea are wonderful," he acknowledged. "Wonderful! " acknowledged Mrs. Teaberry. "But... ," acknowledged Mr. Putter. "But? " requested Mrs. Teaberry. "Would you probably have...? " stated Mr. Putter. "Would I maybe have...? " stated Mrs. Teaberry. "An experience publication? " requested Mr. Putter. "Of path! " acknowledged Mrs. Teaberry. "You do? " requested Mr. Putter. "Yes, I do," stated Mrs. Teaberry. "But the booklet fairly belongs to Zeke. " "Zeke? " requested Mr. Putter. "It's a couple of courageous dog," acknowledged Mrs. Teaberry. "It's Zeke's favourite. " "Ummm," acknowledged Mr. Putter, "do you're thinking that he might mortgage it to me? " "Only if he will get to return along," acknowledged Mrs. Teaberry. "Zeke is particularly hooked up to his booklet. " Mr. Putter thought of it. the journey publication got here with Zeke connected. may he deal with Zeke and a chilly? may Zeke be stable? Or could he be ... Zeke? Mr. Putter used to be determined. "Of direction Zeke may possibly include his book," acknowledged Mr.

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