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By Kate Klimo

The Dragon Keepers have a brand new mission!

It's been raining for days, and dragon keepers Jesse and Daisy were caught inside of with their dragon, Emmy. once the rain stops, they're out of the home in a flash. First on their checklist of items to do? to determine what the villainous Dr. St. George—a dragon slayer in disguise—is as much as.

But Dr. St. George isn’t in his workplace on the university, and all of his stuff is long gone! Jesse, Daisy, and Emmy speedy detect St. George’s newest evil plan: to take over the wooded area and locate the magic golden ax that's buried there. To make concerns worse, he has additionally enslaved the legendary beings which are returning to Goldmine urban. Can the 2 dragon keepers and their dragon unfastened the hobgoblins and dryads less than St. George’s strength and go back the woodland to right?

From the Hardcover edition.

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St. George pulled out a large sword from a sheath on his hip. Its jeweled hilt sparkled within the torchlight. St. George set to slashing on the hobgoblins as though they have been a box of overgrown weeds. “Poor leisure pursuits! ” acknowledged Daisy, turning away. “Nonsense! ” boomed Her Royal Lowness. “Hobbies love a superb conflict! Let’s go away them to it. You and the draggy-wagon, include us! ” “But the booklet! ” Jesse and Daisy cried. “The publication? The booklet? Is that each one you higher Realmers care approximately, a few booklet? Can’t you spot that our stalwart leisure pursuits have their arms complete at the moment? ” Queen Hap croaked. It appeared, certainly, as though each final hobgoblin have been had to carry down St. George. “But we can’t go away it buried the following! ” Daisy shouted over the din. “We promised! ” Jesse acknowledged. “Leave it you must,” bellowed the queen. That was once while Emmy advanced and acknowledged, “I imagine i will be able to! i believe i will be able to! ” unexpectedly Emmy’s irises started to spin like a suite of significant eco-friendly pinwheels. Her nostrils gave off 3 puffs of peppery pinkish smoke, which rose up and radiated outward, filling the cavern with a shiny, scorching, pulsing gentle. The very subsequent rapid, the rocks and rubble rose up into the air and moved off to the part as though an invisible hand have been rearranging them. In seconds, the booklet used to be thoroughly exposed. one of many hobgoblins broke from the rear ranks and ran over to the booklet. He climbed on most sensible of it and dusted it off with Daisy’s bandanna. “I knew i'll! ” Emmy stated proudly. “Levitating spell. I simply deuced it. ” “Aced it,” Jesse corrected. “Emmy, that was once awesome! ” stated Daisy. Emmy appeared modest. “I am a truly useful dragon occasionally! Climb up at the titanic e-book, Jesse and Daisy. we have to get out now. Climb on, please, welcome aboard, and thanks for flying the large publication. ” “You wish us to climb on most sensible of the e-book? ” Jesse shouted. “And the book’s gonna fly? ” Daisy extra. Emmy nodded vigorously. “Quickly, now, please, thanks. Her Royal Lowness is ready. ” The queen was once tapping her huge wedge of a foot impatiently. The hobgoblin with the pink bandanna hopped off the publication and gestured wildly on the conflict. The fray had labored its approach down from the ramp and used to be swarming around the cavern towards them. The hobgoblin knelt prior to them and made a stirrup of his fingers. “We haven't any time to lose, lambies! ” acknowledged the queen. “What approximately St. George? ” Jesse requested. St. George’s sword slashed in all instructions, elevating sparks because it struck opposed to hobgoblin armor. He looked to be conserving his personal as he headed towards them. “Don’t supply it one other thought,” acknowledged the queen, grinning like a jack-o’-lantern. “Our leisure pursuits are only fiddling with him. ” Jesse and Daisy enable the hobgoblin strengthen them onto the publication. the following immediate, the booklet rose up and hovered within the air. “We’re floating! ” acknowledged Jesse. “Hang on! ” stated Emmy. “Follow us,” acknowledged the queen, heading for one of many outdated mine tunnels. The booklet moved ahead and Jesse and Daisy approximately tumbled off it. “Don’t worry,” acknowledged Emmy. “I will run at the back of you and capture you if you happen to fall. ” The cousins grabbed carry of one another because the publication scooted ahead.

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