Principles of Fracture Repair Workshop – RACE approved (022523)

January 13, 2023

Name: Principles of Fracture Repair Workshop

Dat: February 25-26, 2023

Time: 8eAM-5PM


University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
UCMV Clinical Skills Building 11877
85 ST NW
Calgary, AB T3R 1J3

Do you have difficulty approaching or reducing long bone fractures? Are you interested in learning simple techniques designed for the general practitioner to repair the most common fractures seen in dogs and cats? This laboratory is the one for you! We will teach reliable techniques and give valuable practical tips useful in repairing simple and more challenging comminuted fractures of long bones.

Participants will have the opportunity to repair fractures using traditional plates, locking plates, pins & tension band, lag screws. Locking plates and screws (also known as internal fixator) simplify treatment of long bone fractures in small animals. The implant system is easy to use, great for the general practitioner and affordable. The internal fixator shares the convenience of the external fixator without the hassles of postoperative management.

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