Operating a Practice

Step 1: Apply for a Corporate Permit

(Refer to the Regulations Respecting Veterinary Medicine, Section 21: Corporate Permits)
• Submit a request to use the facility name for approval by the Registrar, once approved
• Register with NS Joint Stock Companies
• Contact the NS Veterinary Medical Association to create a new Corporate Entity.

Step 2: Request a hospital inspection

(Refer to the Annex “A” to the By-Laws – Standards for Facilities)
• Contact the NSVMA office to arrange a tentative inspection date – this inspection must be done before the doors are open to the public (usually 1-3 days prior to the opening date)
• Contact the NSVMA office to request a new facility record to be created which will be linked to membership record
• Contact the NSVMA office with updates on progress and indicate if the tentative date needs to be changed


Annex to the Bylaws Standards for Facilities

Standards For Facilities Checklist

NSVMA Medical Records Handbook

Practice Emergency Preparedness Plan Instructions

Veterinary Practice Safety Guide

Radiology and X-Ray Equipment Certification Companies

Become a Member

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