Opening / Owning / Operating a Veterinary Practice

Step 1: Apply for a Corporate Permit

(Refer to the Regulations Respecting Veterinary Medicine, Section 21: Corporate Permits)
• Submit a request to use the facility name for approval by the Registrar, once approved
• Register with NS Joint Stock Companies
• Contact the NS Veterinary Medical Association to create a new Corporate Entity.

Step 2: Request a Hospital Inspection

(Refer to the Annex “A” to the By-Laws – Standards for Facilities)
• Contact the NSVMA office to arrange a tentative inspection date – this inspection must be done before the doors are open to the public (usually 1-3 days prior to the opening date)
• Contact the NSVMA office to request a new facility record to be created which will be linked to membership record
• Contact the NSVMA office with updates on progress and indicate if the tentative date needs to be changed


Annex A to the Bylaws -Nova Scotia Veterinary Medical Association – Standards for Facilities 2019
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